Back in late 2015, two good friends met at a coffee shop in LA. Neither of them drank coffee but it’s important to note that they both have good hair. The one with the good hair (me) presented to the one with the better hair (Robert) that we get the brand back together and redo the official BRMC website.

And so it came to pass that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (them) are reunited with pal and longterm collaborator, David McCrindle (me).

My vision for the site was to celebrate the history of BRMC. I didn’t want it to simply be a new album plug. Of course it will be in time, but it should also showcase the band from it’s very beginnings.

The most exciting news is that the Tour Archive is back and it’s better than ever. Unfortunately, it’s not as populated as it was back in the day. Sadly, everything from the old archive is gone so we’re starting fresh. Therefore, we’re looking for your reviews and photos.

We’ve also started a massive photo library so look for more photos in the coming weeks and months.

We hope you enjoy!