Back in the day it was a six gun, and a six string
Man, that was country
And that’s the way country still out to be
It was lived, not taught, it was earned, not bought
Had to put in the work to get to the top
Let me tell you, how things really gone wrong

These days its all wannabes singing someone else’s songs
Everybody’s doing the same damn thing
Where have the rebels gone?

Cause we don’t need
Another pretty boy, singing pretty songs
Fake country boys, doing country all wrong
Need another Haggard, or a Johnny Cash
Somebody chewing tobacco, and whipping ass
I need a preacher, I need a savior
How about y’all?
Can I get an outlaw?

It don’t have to be honkytonks, boots, and wrangler jeans
It ain’t the banjo or the fiddle, no
It’s the words and what they mean
If you gonna talk the talk, you better walk the walk
And brother that’s the truth
So honestly, what would Waylon do?

I can guarantee that if he was alive today
He’d ask us one more time:
“Are you sure Hank done it this way?”


Are the good times really gone for good?
Or can we get back to our roots?
It’s about that time we raise the bar
So raise a glass if you feel like I do


I pray country answers my call
Can I get an outlaw?
Oh, can I get an outlaw?

Thanks to Uncle Ken