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The subject matter is not suitable for some children, nor is it intended for adults ages 18 and over.
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As Your God Damned 24 Hour Adult Super Store Managerial Supervisor/ blues pharmacist, I suggest you grab a seat with your Asslips and take pad and pencil and a strung out housewife sized dose of Valium , ya rumpled and sexlike crippled Saint.

Never mix fast with slow.
Never mix heroin with vodka or whiskey.

In Fact.
Just never do heroin, period.  There are better things to do with your throwing shoes at people like George Bush and Obama.

and hugs.

and...playing guitar...just look how Robert swings his bass without the aide of a shoulder takes monumental arms...loving arms...but even thou he is great with his arms...i doubt he could do shit all with a banjo.


but who knows.....

back to your medicade!


you will need 100 grams of the following.

Nick Cave-Tender - Prey Lp
Mark Lanegan & Unkle - Another Night Out
Spiritualized - I think I'm in Love
Little Ned - Suck my dick, rob a bank and get the fuck outta my car "12 inch single
Suede - Breakdown
The Charlatans U.K. - I can't even be bothered
Galaxie 500 - 4th of July
Mother Love Bone - Man of Golden words / Crown of Thorns
Elliott Smith - From a basement on a Hill

stay away from a dude with warts on his bellend...

stay in the Cathedral

listen to Mozart and Beethoven always until the night you die...

Air - The Virgin Suicides

Verve- a storm in Heaven and A northern Soul

Oasis - under the sea & the Hindu Times

Anything by The Cobbs (keep your eyes peeled for a certain gem named " In Like a Shot" sorry fellas but you can only keep beauty under wraps for only so long...damn it white clown dong!

Keep away from bands like RUSH they will only transport you back to Junior High with shit arsed goofs that wanna get you stoned on skunk weed in the parking lot...and you will NOT get high, but only walk away crooked with a headache, sir.

Have a dose of some Josh T. Pearson
and maybe a line of P.J. Harvey

but get your nostrils flaired for some Sarabeth Tucek.  Inhale like an Indian whirlwind of forced piss and pissed off Gods.  Breathe it in Son!


100 mg
of Lothar and the hand people's song (Love)

Always Listen to the black Angels

and Lou Reed's Sally can't Dance & Berlin

Get some Iggy in your blood stream

Refresh yourself with a bit of bad blood from B.R.M.C.


wind down with a little...



Nina Simone

stay Alive/ stay feeling Good baby.  Thank You for the Question, bless yer heart Outlier Mo

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