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On non scientifique terms, I would wager that you would be the person whose shoulders i was drooling on as  i thumped my 7 inch rabbit into your lillypad egg hatchlette...God how gross, sir!!

Serious.  slobber shoulders, frog pond opened like a bank safe with a buckknife....etc....Oooph!  Tony, ya got me all Hot and Stupid, like a marshmallow with it's  forehead on fire!

Take a breath..slow and low...way down deep from like the sweet hole...keep it cool son, keep it old music humming from a stereo.....

ah yeah....sweet ride...nectar nighttime.....sweetglide.... .*


i would label you as an American who is currently married to a wife with things that make certain fellows smile at the mall....that has the freedom of choice to go total bonkers...and harm thieves...and you love your fellow man.

i would label you


Good Soul.

God doesn't need your faith, your grief, or your wisdom...he's too busy scurrying up cash from unpaid parking tickets worldwide.

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