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I can't speak for everyone lord knows, hey some folks like it when their favorite singer pisses on them or treats them like a scumbag...Some people like it when the leader of their favorite band treats them like chumps. 

I don't dig arrogant people with delussions of Grandeur that act like they are doing me a favor by me paying 13 dollars/euros for a load of drum samples that sound like some bum rush at a disco thrown by Liberace if he was tweeking on bad crank...

I think great song writers are different from Musicans...I'm not too fond of musos, i like my music to come from Song writers...not "artiste'  "

People that play from the fucking heart as the Late Great Bill Hicks would say.....

People that are not seperated from the people that purchase and listen to the music,  people that see themselves in other people's shoes, that have walked the fucking walk and been around the corner a few times...people that actually use their fucking eyes to look at the world around them...and then close them and go inside their head and bring out black pearls from black waters (beautiful songs).... I'm rambling...but that's what i do best....Hell.....

When I lived in Hollywood...SUEDE came over to my flat on every tour or we got our plans on at the Roosevelt Hotel...and no matter how high we were NO we never saw the ghost of Marilyn Monroe, but i do think that once when i was loaded i saw the ghost of cocaine....

My daft arsed point is that when SUEDE came to town, they were not exclusive or elusive...they got out with the Traush...and we all went round into the dark hovels and spouted off, got slung out, laughed a lot and then went back to my gaff for very indecent things and played guitar when our hands remembered how to work and our mouths remembered how to speak words and sing....horridly.....but we had fun as people.

People of the people.

Mark Lanegan has a medical condition these days so he doesn't mingle like he use to...and that is understandable...but Nick Cave still makes sure he exits the back door in a leisurely fashion and will spend up to an hour or so, giving hugs and autographs and shaking hands and shooting the shit....he knows he is hot shit but he doesn't reserve his pressense only for others in the business....he gets in with the people that buy his works  and I really respect that....he doesnae HAVE to do it.....but he knows the score and loves his people....

Two Words

Woody Guthrie...this guitar kills fascists

People that have empathy and sympathy, anybody can be a cocksucker but not everyone can still put themselves in another person's boots or bare feet in the dirt.....

Songwriters who sing for those who can't sing anymore....people that have no voice or are six feet underground and truly....still have no voice...from Wounded Knee to the Nazi camps to the mission in San the poor boy in Kansas and the girl stuck so alone in some cold flat in Europe...American highway truckers to the poor club kids in Edinburgh tryin' to scratch up some soft money...

put yourself in my shoes
put yourself in others...

Fuck a musician, any fuckstick can go to G.I.T. and play a thousand chords and never write one good song...

BIG SOUL beats all the technique in the world. 

God bless Motorhead
God bless Patsy Cline

thank you for still reading and writing in...bless yer heart




( blame all spelling errors....on eros and boddingtons ale, lager whateverthefuck it's called....ta



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