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What went wrong in my life that ties me to this B.R.M.C. music?...


What went wrong in our lives is oftentimes the world at large around us.  Doesn't matter if it's Vietnam and Bob Dylan or The 4 wars we are currently in and B.R.M.C.

When nothing seems real around us, truly good spiritual rock and roll is
the only remedy
the only medication
the only drug that works
the only sound that makes any sense inside of ourselves and smooths us right out and then it's back into the madness
just outside your front door.

I don't know...perhaps you are tied to this music
because the radio sounds like a robotique soul drained magician yanking a keyboard out from it's own arsehole..
maybe like me, you've walked with Devil a couple of times...maybe it's that universal loneliness that most people avoid thinking about and cover it up with cellphone ring tones and texting just to be babbling...I dunno...

B.R.M.C. make timeless music...the same way that Jim Morrison in black leather always looks like he could be from either the present day or the past...just a timeless look...but the other 3 members of the doors?  They look like that part of the 60's that had their clothing custom made out of rugs from india and spent too much time scoring blotter in the Haight and worshipping some bozo named Swami Lushbeard. 

B.R.M.C also remind me of Johnny Cash, in the way that the music reaches people of all ages and all walks of life.  People from the age of 7 years old and on up.  Music that is made with staying power.  These songs are not written for fame and prizes, it's written because it is a condition, the burn to create, to spit out the devil and God, to confront life and death, to confront murderous thoughts and that sick longing and ghoulish pining away for true's timeless.

I never see people in terms of their age.  I don't treat kids like they are daft infants and I don't treat 80 year old people like they are kids, even thou some 90 year old people drive like 5 year olds when they get behind the wheel of a car...i just speed up and go around, fast as a flash!

On a lighter note...perchance nothing went wrong in YOUR Life...I think ya just have great taste and feel akin to great music.

I know B.R.M.C. thank you for the support. 

Things could be worse, you could be playing bingo, reading cat fancy magazine backwards, listening to Lawrence Welk every night and harvesting  sea monkies and chachia plants and mowing your lawn until your feet bleed and your lawn mower blows up.

I'm glad to read you have the fire.  I am thankful that you are a member of the black rebel motorcycle club.

I will say last but not least that my Mother is also 62 and Pete taught her how to roll a cigarette an hour after they played a show in San Francisco...that night she shook it like a mad beatles fan and she has been a mad B.R.M.C. member ever since...and when things in life go wrong like they do quite often (the world is an imperfect fuckun' place) I can sometimes hear her walking around, singing under her breath...Ain't no easy way, no there

ain't no easy



bless yer heart S.J.
thank you for your question
keep the faith and remember like Robert said to me once...not only is B.R.M.C. a way of's also

a medical condition.


please pardon any typos, my spellchecker is in rehab.

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button and someone can help you there, cheers.
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