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I don't know the formula that "makes" a true rebel but then again i fancy that is and isn't your question dear sister skull
What makes one a true rebel.....?

It isn't cocaine.
It isn't alcohol consumption.
It isn't how many people you sleep with
It isn't because you purchased a black leather motorcycle  jacket off of Hollywood Blvd with Axl Rose  Air Brushed on the spinelessness of it.

A True Rebel is one who goes against the grain and rams horns against the status quo and not just for the sake of doing it...but because it's the same old dreary non solution dream that doesn't work for the dreamers.... I don't mind dying for MY dreams but i won't suicide for some sorry motherfucker's nightmare ideals.

To be a Rebel you must first have something to re'bell against so take for instance these days that we currently dwell in....HELL!  Pick a card and throw a dart!
Trouble is...nobody is rebelling...they are all too happy to have the toys that have been so kindly sold to them by the people they should be rebelling against and they would perhaps...but the toys are just too neato.  Fuck their toys and fuck the lot of 'em.


You know what a TRUE Rebel wants?

A heart to belong in...
and a home to belong to
a freedom to ride in
a song to sing to
a family that does something more than scream in front of children
a place to go that isn't toxic
words to dream by and live by
a place where people see eye to eye

but that ain't the surroundings son.
that ain't the world son.
block out your eyes from the Sun and grab your gun
Give out God's hate on the run

A true Rebel has no place to fully secure his or her own heart...there are too many questions...too many battles
and no true place to rest one's heart.
It's not about switchblade knife fights
It's not about cigarettes
It's not about being Tuff
It's about longing for someplace to be
the irony is that the accepted people never have to fight to be accepted because they are corrupt and corruption embraces corruption
but a rebel cannot embrace corruption...and yes they want to be accepted...but there is nare a person worthy in a five mile radius of being accepted by...and it
leaves you lonely.... .*

I never liked James Dean for all the reasons that others did
I never gave two scrawny fucks about his red cotton windbreaker jacket
or his bluejeans
his New York trench coat activity
or his leather jacket motorcycle dong in tree promo...

I liked him because he was lost
looked lost

and it's OK to not have the answers

Every asshole thinks they have the answers

at Ask iAN we just have opinions and guesses and work by heart and soul, i fancy....

but it is OK to be confused...and it is OK to feel lost...there is no compass or blueprint to life...there is no manual that you will find like you do inside of the glove compartment to a car on how to operate said vehicle...the answers to life come handedly...out of the bleu...random shots of wisdom...

oh shit.

where was i at?

Off dreaming in some lucid cum shot again......damn it!

Rebellion means a different thing as the years go by...but you can bet your lucky stars and sweet ass that there will always be something to rebel against...because pricks breed

Again.  True Rebels never wanted the problems in the first place....they didn't order them...but demons rise and there is no other way around them except for to kick them in the kuntz and head out long for the moonlight...the sunlight...the oxygen...

we are the leather
we are the word
we are those who knew better
we are the lost

Love you sister skull


The Only thing we have to fear.... are the shadows in the grassy knoll...and nothing.

We only want to be accepted...but by people with hearts, true lovers, kindness on two legs...the animals are already there.... .*


The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion - Camus*


buy me a beer baby.... .*





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