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Buy a Motorcycle and Leave.... .*


Apply for a college loan with Sallie Mae
don't worry about paying it off...leave that bullshit to the wind and roses
and when you get your grip in the mail
cash your check
rent a U-Haul truck
jam your shit in it
and get the fuck outta Dodge

Drive to Hollywood and grab all the newspapers you can find...the
L.A. Weekly
The Recycler
Tits & Giggles
and locate a room mate that is satisfactory

Dump your shit in your room
give the U-Haul truck back
take the bus
and get a job at buffalo exchange
you'll still have money left over

and 5000 nightclubs to hit
100 concerts a week
7000 places to shop for shit that will blow yer nightcap off
and a liquor store on every corner

and if you can't do that

get a six pack

go to the nearest graveyard

there are people everywhere underground

and the best thing about this crowd is that they are all very QUIET motherfuckers.

So you still have some solitude

yet you are in an ocean of people

and when the death part that last forever sets into your mind

it perchance may make you wanna boogie and carpe diem the day a bit more with some Fire

I am fairly isolated myself

but then i choose that too....

outside can be a bit scary

with the way people dress like they've never heard of a mirror

and their hair trying to attack me in the check out lane

men tugging at their balls

women with bee hive hairdos extracting their mellonesque tits away from their sweaty armpits

it's a loud as all fuck eye sore out there....and that is just the grocery store

not even Main street for crying out loud!


also like to take walks around the block a few times...
come back in and treat myself good

put on some BRMC


have a soda

cruise the computer for drama

i miss having a cat...cats are really really really good friends that help you not to feel so locked in...that's if you like cats...

and if you don't like cats

then yer a filthy bastard

isolation stems from fear

and fear is a fucking pussy

crush it

like you would

with a biker boot over a burned out lightbulb on the ground

crush it like a beercan under boot

crush it like rain and snow drive crime back into it's hovels

but never crush bugs

cause bugs are the eye of God

something like that

you have the freedom to rock and roll at any moment

Sometimes i like to just for the hell of it rent out a room in some obscure Motel close to a bar
and see how the other side of life lives and then
round midnight
i run like hell
being chased by filthy drunkies
and x whores
future convicts
and pure madmen
some with wooden legs
i out run them
make it back to my room
and drink till i pass out
but hey
at least i got out of my isolation for a spell
and met some very interesting all thou
very fucking dangerous people
but hey
I'm busy stayin' alive

Other times i like to save up a little caysh and book a flight to the next big city over yonder
get a room
and this time
hang in an upper class bar
and watch their side of life
drink with them
light their cigars
steal their tips
trip them now and then
and slurp off their drinks when they ain't lookin'


steal their sportscoats

and feel like F. Scott Fitzgerald's Gatsby for a few hours

hit it back to my room all Gatsby

drink myself silly

jerk off in the mirror

and catch the next day's flight proper

There aint nothing

wrong with isolation

people just arent that interesting these days

i'd rather work a puzzle

than watch some bladder infected geezer tie his dirty shoelace

but hey.....

you are free to rock and roll

dog parks are awesome too if you can find one...

but really

get out of dodge (the midwest)

and hit the city of lights

i did

and it made all the difference in the world

i am going to Poland in 4 weeks

fuck if i know

but it's Livin'

see you in the city, kid

cheers and good love to ya


and remember...listen to the black angels

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