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Reality shows are the new televised Roman arenas for impotent vampires that vicariously live off the latest gospip.  Snakes eating their own tails and the thought of them all from the producers to the fans of TMZ, makes my brain wiggle like a reptile hatching from a soft shelled egg.

General folks are often generally deviant.  The same people that line up to see Top Gun are the first to donate their VHS copy to the Salvation Army...and in droves.
When it just ain't hip anymore.  They really love to prop people up just to tear them down.  Gossip is their God and where would all these people go without the likes of  Lindsay Lohan?
They would move on over to the Mel Gibson story and so on and so forth.

It's all a saturation machine and the money goes round and around...a cycle of doom, drama and dementia that only a very bored housewife could sink her dentures into...hell, I don't know cause you got
chopper shows
bounty hunter bad hair shows
it's an endless urinal bag of deep brown piss and disappointment...
There is so much trash on TV and i haven't even said my 2 cents about the 20 minutes of ghastly commercials one must endure just to get back to the godawful show...
I can't really say because I don't spray myself in the face with this tripe ever and as long as there is a hunger for this slop, Hollywood execs will keep spoonin' it in to those gravy skinned troughs people call their eyes and mouths. 

The lowering of the standards has been going on so long that's hard to remember when it all really went arse up.

I just know that the poison has reached the souls when Toby Keith outsells BRMC.

There has always been more dumb asses than thinkers.

For every Jesus
you have 5000 jumbo fuckwitted goons, ghouls and ghastlies

Mob Rules

I can't see it ever getting any better and I don't waste my time nor hold my breath for it

So long as i can still suss out

The music I love
the books i want to read
the paintings i want to stare into
the films i want to silently watch
the architecture i want to visit
instruments to write my own music
and ink to write my words...etc

I am so out of touch with the Celebrity death culture and modern day rubbish that i couldn't tell you who is who and what is what...and i wanna keep it that way...i like to learn from history not modern trash...modern trash has nothing for me whatsoever...

TV has nothing I need
Check out line magazines have nothing i need.
TMZ has nothing i want or need.

and as Jane's Addiction said...

My Sex and my Drugs and my Rock and Roll
are all my brain and body need....

Throw in a lover, a few pets, a few friends and some good booze and we are nearly half way home

Kill your TV

Love to you as always Jen

P.S.  One last thing....Lindsay Lohan i actually feel sorry for.  I don't see her life as being glamourous, I see her as a very troubled person up to her neck in a city of foul business, a person who is hounded and never left alone, a person who is being made an example of, a person who is getting played.  If she could buy one thing off of EBay...i bet you it would be Privacy.  I don't like her work, but I also know that Hollywood has the power to make a Frances Farmer out of anyone.

I bid you a fond adieu...for I am off to get drunk with the ghost of Hank Williams Sr.

Love yer







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