The breath of Jón Sæmundar on Rosenberg.

On Friday, June 9, Jón Sæmundur will show an exhibition of 11 new works on Rosenberg under the heading Spirit.

“For me, art creation is a spiritual practice. I capture the spirit of the moment and paint them, give them life and earthly visions by attaching them to the paper. The Spirit Comes Over Me and the Spirit Receives Freedom by Painting. I work with the spirits and They appear one after another, but looks like no one. ”

Jón Sæmundur Auðarson was born in 1968 and lives and operates in Reykjavik. He studied at the Icelandic Film and Crafts School, where he traveled to Scotland, where he graduated in 2001 with a degree in art from the Glasgow School of Art. Jón Sæmund’s works are mostly installations where he works with different media; Such as paintings, sculptures, videos and music.

Free Admission – Kid Friendly