Andrew Weatherall has a new album coming in September.

Qualia, which spans eight tracks, will be the UK maverick’s second LP in as many years following 2016’s Convenanza. (Before that, he’d not released a solo full-length since 2009.) Nina Walsh, who also worked on Convenanza, helped mix and engineer the new record, while the work of late French musician Erick Legrand also features. Qualia is out on September 29th via Gothenburg-based label Höga Nord Rekords.

“Mr Brackstone, my psychic shepherd, when confronted by the facts would probably say it was cosmic synchronicity but then again he would because he’s Jung at heart,” writes Weatherall. “Others may cite mere coincidence. These are the facts. I’ll leave the metaphysical debate for another time.”

He adds: “It’s all about the black notebooks as memorial device and ‘The Black Notebook’ and ‘This Is Memorial Device.’ At the same time as reading Mr Modiano and Mr Keenan I was ensconced in The Woodleigh Research Facility investigating a method of composition sparked by a random event too prosaic for the telling; unless of course we go back to ‘The Red Book’ and see the hand of Jah [the D.M.T molecule that steers human existence] at work. After all it was him/her/non-binary that sent me the ‘shave your beard off’ message. And the ‘don’t buy any more drugs’ one.

“Whatever your leanings, the music on Qualia is the result of images, feelings
and thought processes stirred up by Monsieur Modiano and Mister Keenan channeled through the medium of a sonic notebook—in itself the memoir of somebody else’s life/fiction. My own black notebooks, like Jean’s [Modiano’s protagonist] stir the silt of memory and birth as many mysteries as memories. They also provided the track titles.”
01. Evidence The Enemy
02. Darktown Figures
03. Spreads A Haze (And A Glory)
04. Saturday International
05. Between Stations
06. Soft Estates
07. Selling The Shadow
08. Vorfreude

Höga Nord Rekords will release Qualia on September 29th, 2017.