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Arizona Song


Too busy forgetting details and I am adrift again...
when all i wanted was to belong to you...
Granted, these days float away on borders bags and shoplifted torn off tags
but this boy is empty
and your sandy hair so so Neutrogena Rainairbath filthy
an early summer abortion
you write in rainbow colours
on cheap paper...
medicinal and
closing me off from your stomach
x-ing me from
our Arizona ghost
dream...a crushed blue
kahlo egg
of yellow and dead eye red

 before you apply the lotion
you talk primitve now with your sister's dog shit notions
fired from your Queen's lair, burned us down to the last hair
i know you less now than before I'd known ya

Does your father still hang out with skin mag helicopter boys?
Is your mother still a wall of wall paper?
Did you go back to the docks for rockless cock?
Never mind...cause you're an arizona dream in a New York drunk tank
another flank
another handsome bit of flesh
spit from ageless sponges that sped read the bible
yer a piece of tracing paper
with wintergreen eyes
too beautiful
not yet a cat
and wasted on your rainfall elemental dirty ass charm...

Getting over you was the easy part
living with you was nothing less than spanish fireworks
as i erase you from my heart into this heaven aclomated dark...i forget me too...
what once was, was forged never to be again
your lips never even kissed the swimming pool
I never shared a coca cola with you
your dreams were so tight
that the dollar sign ached out in your stitching...
Yet your face looked like
my own
but inside
you were all rustique bones
you were nothing
but emblems
goat fur
faded posters...
nothing but
a shit car
looking for a new time in a dead bar
borrowed books and a borrowed soul
Only a GAP item could fill your hole
your face so James Dean, your mind so ununique...
a pegasus, a unicorn
abortion under the summer sand land you call Home...

my cut arms
your cut hair
nothing was ever as serious as you going nowhere...
as you sold men's suits
I found a taller kiss
and our child now would be

Your strong and clean rain kissed fucked face...
another book without a title
another song without  chorus
another painting kicked out in the Rains...

you were just another summer soft picnic without a clue...

dead to the world in a kiss

just like me and you.

Montgomery Clift dying under black and white lights,
between used cars
Vincent Gallo falling off the skyscraper from his own hand and ruin...
we cracked fast like the pondering angel of quick defeat
blue trunks
dead television
dead dog
making room for berlin nuevos videntes
where are you now
with your wella balsom summer shine hair

just another motherfucker in the

loam.  Clueless to Diane Arbus.
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