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ASK iAN * 20 Selfish Valentines

tumblr_mme78skUOK1qf4hg2o1_500     Because i ain't built outta money...that must be it. That must mean i never cared. Because i don't have the patience of a rotting corpse, must mean that my feelings are a "rush job" for i am not Tender, perhaps a cross between a door-mat and choice cuts of meat kicked around in the dust. As You put me in Harm's way on a cruel and selfish whim, as You display your short comings like a peacock waxing moxy, as your worshiped canine knife tooth pierces your lipstick coca cola smile, i sat dropped in a Dead Zone...arsed, aging, losing, nauseated, nearly murdered because the only thing you could ever repeat, time and time and over again...were Your mistakes. I AM NOT getting my kicks on Route 66 circus fucked manipulated sworn faceless forced to sever my simplicity as You consort with the Lords and the Godz on which card your chimp hand should play In a rigged game, ran by fanatical racketeers, i lost interest and then i... Lost interest. A Lifetime of Sweetness turns to rot strings in my broken mouth of complaint. A Lifetime in photographs gutted from me without anesthetics. A Lifetime now at the mercy of the changing of the guards, whom with every change become a lot more less personal, less tranquil, less colorful with the dying of the monthly just burn through. Get it over with. For I have learned I can have what i never my dreams are classified now as complaints. Headed for a Home i no longer recollect...shove my nose in coffin soot and cram my face in homemade misery It seems my destruction tickles your sweet tooth kick my heart like a can show me where i can dispose of these useless memories a turquoise and used trashcan on two legs i'd like to meet You there...but i lost myself oh so long, long ago...somewhere down that brutal road. Your dinner is in the oven. Burnt.  Just like me.  
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