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We Struggle to Survive in order to be forever Crushed. To Go the distance of Wisdom only to be flattened like a bug. Weather the storms, the wars, the impossible feats we overcome, only to die in the backseat of a weathered jalopy for not calling "Shotgun" fast Enough... Everybody is Looking for the meaning of Life in One big Answer, well it's not that ah way... The Meaning of Life can be found in many small and  meaningless answers...for Instance... What is the difference between a black Cube and a White Cube? The answer is... A timeless mouthful of stitch tight wet pussy, pink in the darkness of an endless room...the garden of eden with spreckled flower limbs crawling through your back to the shore and eternal brain electric with cool morning foams... What is the difference between a White Cube and a Black Cube To be Drunk as Dreaded first morning Orange Sunlight with a casket handle in your right fist...your legs a sea of rubber sharks dying out...and to Fall would mean failing the universe of All You ever Loved, so You trudge along on false Limbs until the coffin is on the lowering gate...with a sigh so heavy it rattles distant bells and flutters black face nets... Some Folks are Born into Money and Never work a Day in their Puff...and they never marry, rather instead they live out Life alone...what was the meaning of the money? It wasn't the funds that they were donated to after death...perhaps it was the silence that money bought and brought to their hushed aftra-life...not so much a meaning but more of a cornered silence... The Meaning of Life Biting into an Apple without a Needle in it. A pale breast entering the insert of your hostile bruised lips at 3:33 am in the morning with your Name on No One's the living are asleep and just as quiet as those who toil no more in the cemeteries... .* The meaning of Life having a banana split with a best friend and the powerful flavors all coming together so rapidly and at once inside of Your mouth, making your heart beat faster than sex combined with actual chocolate, that when the two cars coming from separate directions collide, and meat hits windshield and gearshift as bucket seats are sprayed and splattered...the only frontal lobe thought this strawberry i am feeling or cherry and nuts? Maybe God wasn't Big Enough to be a black hatted Witch... Maybe Witches couldn't be false face substitute teachers and guide the Youth North Towards the canisters, the cannons, and ultimate demise...horseshit for gardening purposes... Maybe God was in Jail Maybe God was trying to write The Old Testament Part II Cause who knows...maybe even a molecule, or even a ghost particle can get Alzheimer's well... The CIA are Ants and so are the Hippies... red ants black ants spreading different information... 2 sides of the meaning of Life Pro Life Pro Abortion are not the issue... You can't compare a simple high to the weight of something looking for a long term diet. If You NEED an answer try being born frozen...a still Life...13 breaths and you are out of the ball park, out of season with all the memory of a false alarm hiccup in the back of a Chevrolet Pick-Up* Spend Your logic on business monies and cross word puzzles but when it comes to the Meaning of Life don't lose Your ability to think outside of the earthly maps...think Abstract...and keep tasting at it. We don't need a 4th of July ending our name on the lips of Leptons for Centuries What we got was what we needed in that frameless space of be kissed so hard it knocked our saddle oxford's off melted our dirty boots to a clean wooden floor the hair on our necks rise to the attention of ghost in the Room Lifted Up Higher in Flight than Angels could ever tread to flap in... I got so dumb in this Life that it would have to make any God white knuckled so badly, he and she bit at their invisible thumbs and muttered in a hushed backward fuckun' breath..."WOW".... .* The Meaning of Life is being punished walking away with a wound that will Last You a Life-Time and still Holding the door open for the next Grandma the next cripple, the next child, the next son of a bitch, the next kill You Next Season dreary brute... The Next of Not Ever... An Axe, A Spike, A Chemo Halo... An After birth rainbow UFO hurt over the windmills of whenever... Your soft voice over a fone with a bad connection singing electrically that you are Hard for Me...that i am your sweet dying Apple Tree...that You have ah soft spot in yer sweet dark heart just for me...our little playground in outer space...our little tree house of nowhere forever... i don't Need a meaning to this Life... Touching the skin of your hand, witnessing the smile on your face just the once sent me over the moon... Knowing that You even existed...was all the Goddamned Heaven this motherfucker ever needed... Give the Kingdom to the Mobs i am heaven for having once been Lucky enough to bowed in your smiling direction. Vanish )))000((( 333 iANtumblr_mo5asimKLr1rawy89o1_500tumblr_mevxdxf9is1qhs5k0o1_500 tumblr_molnyei5yS1qzu2tmo1_500
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