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      999b Hello iAN I just wanted to share something with you. I woke up this morning with tears in my eyes. As I forced myself out of bed the tears flowed down my cheeks like a river. Being a single mom and knowing that my daughters would soon see me and ask what's wrong I wipe them away as fast I can but they keep pouring down. I jump in the shower and I explain to them I'm sick and that's why my eyes are red and puffy. As they stare at me and tell me they love me they come up to me and hug me. I then remind them of my love for them as well and hurry them off to school. I then arrive at my office that I manage and as I sit I realize everything is becoming blurry and tears begin to pour down again. I then gather my things and leave without making eye contact with anybody or before anybody has the chance to ask me anything. ( are you ok? ) I get home, I put on my Bose earphones on and play sympathetic noose and fault line, then open invitation and then I'm left in silence and I could hear my sobbing. Automatically I start feeling better because that's what BRMC does to me. They have become my meds. They provide comfort when I need it the most. If they only knew the role they have played in my life. So as I'm left with the traces of the sweet sounds of open invitation in my memory I get a text on my phone with a link to the new song you just posted (RETURNING).... I press the link and wow. I can't even explain in words the feeling that song gave me. Some type of hope. BRMC reminds me of hope every single time. That song is now my hope, my shield, my sword. Just wanted to share this just now moment. I know you'd listen and understand somehow the feelings Ive experienced. P.s. Thank you for listening to my little nephew¬† in his times of darkness as well. That kid has been thru so much at only 18 years of life. He confessed to me the other day that he was about to commit suicide right before I introduced BRMC into his life. He said I was his Angel of life, and that BRMC's music made him want to stay alive a little longer. Long enough to savor the sweet sounds. It meant so much to him When Pete took the time after the show to talk to him and share raw moments of wisdom and encouragement. God how I love him, you and the rest. Anonymous     BRMC doesn't have fans...we have Friends* - iAN
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