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Ask iAN – A Salute to Billy Nicgorski


Our dear friend and brother Billy Nicgorski is getting married today.
Talk about a cat who really does have it all...
A wonderful family full of creative colourful people,
great friends far and wide and always near
and endless talent
He can fix your hair so that you look cooler than Elvis...
He can record you and make you sound cooler than Elvis...
He can take your photograph and again...make you look cooler than Elvis...
Fuck man...Billy IS cooler than Elvis.
I've been wanting this day to happen for quite some time and I am happy as all get out that it's ON.
I just hope our Billy doesn't faint.

I wish him and his bride nothing but good health and good love ALWAYS.

You gotta count yourself truly blessed to be found by true love...Billy is blessed
and Loved.

Won't you raise a glass of sweet booze with me today...and give a warm cheers to Billy and his one true Love

Cheers Billy...We love you brother*

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