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                                            1bb    Her favorite song was whatever happened to my rock and roll and she always watched for your writings.   She died listening to red eyes and tears's what she requested... Her name was Angel King and she died from COPD which is a lung disease.   When they pulled her life support we put her ear phones on and it was red eyes and tears...Please give BRMC our love for their inspiration. K.S. As You can well imagine this news saddens our heart's here at BRMC...and learning of's good to remember we do have a certain duty in this here not just live for ourselves...but also for others like Angel King who wanted to so badly and could not.  Bless her Heart and Soul.  Here's one more for Angel...with Love and Respect.  kiitos* B. R. M. C 37950_162426817115207_100000436680882_411437_5176403_n
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