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K.1 02 M.1 K.2 M.2 01 K.M. 3347720442_c962e73898 2502320422_d8dc279c12 TVS_017 image Hi iAN, As I'm sure you know by now, we got home safely a while ago and have been doing pretty good since our time in California. We can't say enough how much of a great time we had seeing BRMC and you again......getting to spend some time together. We hope everyone is doin' good at the BRMC camp and that all are getting some well deserved rest before their next tour. That aside, a while after the night you gave us the Specter At The Feast vinyl, a little inspiration hit Kit and I in way of you mentioning the reason behind you giving us the vinyl.....the Virgin Suicides concept. With that in mind, we wanted to do something to thank you for giving us such a wonderful gift and came up with the idea to do a Virgin Suicides themed photo shoot with the vinyl just for you. Again, we can't thank you enough for such a gift and for hanging out with us for the while we got to spend with you. You, Peter, Leah and Robert are in our thoughts always and we hope to see you all again soon........I promise not to act so ridiculous the next time Robert and I cross paths. We briefly talked with him after the Santa Ana show and I asked his pardon for my shyness and not being myself to which he was graciously kind about. Hope you like the photos! Lots of love, M & K THANK YOU REMAIN AGELESS TIMELESS AND FUEL YOURSELF WITH EVERYNIGHT WISDOM KIITOS iAN 2013
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