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Ask iAN – All Natural



I don't think you ever "Go" that way...something just breaks in the crackline of your soft defence and one snaps.
Then you go to Riker's Island and do hard time and learn the make-shift pussy blues.

What you must remember is that good people like yourself often get fucked over.
They didn't kill Jesus because he robbed a bank and ass raped some farmer's prized mule
they fucked him out because he was kind...and in Rome and America...sudden out of the blue and gentile kindness
is way the fuck frowned

People like you and I...i fancy
look for happiness in other people
because what is a life of plastic without the companionship of flesh and soft fuck me words?
When i say fuck me baby...
i meant for you to love me long and deep
not steal the rent money out of my fucking purse, scumbag!

One fine day your ship will come in...
like have to wait longer than others and deal with more hells...
and it sucks to only endure, pay dues and never catch a break....but not everybody can be born rich one hit wonders like the strokes
and still live to yelp about it from a Soho studio...

remain soft inside, stay true to yourself...even if or when you lose
anybody can kill
anybody can go to jail
but we take it
turn the hate into something soft
and Yes, it is tempting to go Loco
and smoke all the motherfuckers...
but where one motherfucker dies off
another is born from it's's an endless battle trying to rid the world of fools
ask Jesus....he died over fuckers like that and they (the motherfuckers) are still out in droves....
just go to Miami or New Jersey, Kansas, Shitbatsville....anywhere....and as Morrissey said
the world is full of crashing bores....

do not become them.

at the same time learn to turn the other cheek
at the same time punch in the mouth anyone who tries to rape or walk on your spine....

I wanna kill people everyday

and then i remember to close myself off
inside of the great Halls of Music
I rub my pussy for 3 hours
I watch an old black and white film
I drink the sweet booze
smoke a fag
and laugh at the history of fools

there are many of them
and only one of YOU

hold yourself Sacred.

we love you and you always had more heart and soul than your past lovers.  Fuck them.  Stay Gold.
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