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  As I write this, I've got the world news on and the next story is about a woman who gave birth and two hours later, ran a marathon.  Good heavens.... .*

I think the reason that most women are stronger than men comes down to
History, design, and nature.

In so many different cultures throughout history, women were treated little better than mules.
I'm not talkin' about your Cleopatras but rather women in general.
Take yer caveman days for instance.  Yer a girl...yer walkin' along...tryin' to suss out berries,
maybe find a flower in the dust...maybe a rock bowl for to hold water and a zippo lighter to start a fire and keep warm and next thing you know, some cave idiot with a body like a gorilla and a face like a badger's asshole
swings a club upside yer wig and knocks ya cold.  You wake up.  Your forehead is sticking out like a unicorn horn, yer no longer a virgin, you feel more dirty inside than you do outside and
you are pregnant by a brute with all the parenting skills of a two headed cobra with dyslexia, and his idea of
foreplay is grabbing you by the hair and bouncing your head off a boulder.

In the cowboy days it was crap as well.  You either became some grizzled shitter's wife or you worked in the saloon serving warm whiskey and beers to men so ugly that could melt the reflection from off the face of a mirror.  In between serving drinks, you were expected to bed down with razor bearded
piggly wiggly dicked, cauldron belly bozos.  Men so filthy they could blacken a room by a simple sneeze.  Men who smelled like shat in kangaroo with grasshoppers and termites in their teeth, sun burned ears hanging down like beaten ball sacs...with eyes the colour of week old piss.  These dimwits paid your wage...and rape was still prominent. 

Women couldn't even vote.
Women were not allowed to wear jeans or ride bicycles.
Just cook, fuck, serve, take beatings, shit out the brood, feed the little monsters, and at the same time....lose any looks she may have had, grow old before her time, bleed and race towards horrid health and hopefully an early death.

This leads us to the female design.  The brain is connected to the heart and that connection leads to the ovaries and to the sexual zone and then out to nature and the monthly motor...cycle.  Now I don't have a PhD nor am i any sort of doctorial valentino, but it doesn't take all that jazz to realize that women were built highly more complicated than your average criminal...i mean man.

You have menstrual cramps, headaches, bloating, shitstorms, tampons, yeast infections, never ending shaving of the legs and get acne and everytime yer on yer period, your hair wants to act like hair that you have never even met before.  It just decides to go wild and do it's own thing...and it's also when men ask you dumb questions more than ever...Honey, what time is it?  Time for you to bring your wrist up to your face and check yer wristwatch...fuck neck.
You got pregnancy, sometimes with complications, sometimes miscarriage, sometimes stillborn babes...
You got job stress, sexual needs, matters of the heart, balancing checkbooks, grocery list, the need to look nice and healthy, cooking, cleaning, getting lied to by mechanics, and then later on, heat flashes, menopause, tubes tied or hysterectomies, check ups for ovarian and breast cancer, varicose veins, gravity pull and it never ends....and we haven't even mentioned the melancholy, the heart ache, the divorce issues, getting paid less sometimes, mild depression, married too early, shotgun weddings, pre arranged weddings of the old days...hell, there is just too much female fun to remember it all....and all that blood and trying to keep smiling...

Men are not connected that way.  Men...not all men, but most, have their brains connected to their stomachs, their dicks and then to money and tools.  I don't wanna talk about those men, cause they bore the living tits offa me.  I'm not talking about the romantics, the poets, and the animal lovers or the good fathers etc...and even they are not perfect...but i think they use their hearts more than the average unibrow leg of lamb tittie bar truck worshipper.

Women are stronger because they've had to battle men for most of history to earn their rightful place beside them as an equal.  They've had to prove that there are other ways to approach situations without using a club or a gun or a tool.  Constantly teaching men from the time that they were babes until they were in old age...while at the same time having to deal with all the before mentioned.  Women have always, like sisyphus, had a never ending up hill struggle a constant going against the grain...and most of the was men who took the credit instead of the thinker and guider behind him.  I find that one thing a man can do to better himself is to learn from women and their way of broadens men's knowledge of life, the universe, and conduct.  It also lends style.

Of course there are dumb women too.
Women who only want to marry into money.  Women who let men walk all over them.  Women who have no self respect and get lost in the drizzle of drugs, slaggery and child neglect...but i don't wanna talk about them either...I don't know their backgrounds or lack of childhood or what have you...I just know that some of them are just as good a criminal or killer as any nutter of a man.  Phew!

History has made women strong.  Dealing with dumb men and their even stupier laws have made them strong.
Mother Nature has made women strong and the need to get through traffic to make it to that 50 percent off sale of really awesome fucking shoes, has made them strong.
Coping with a complicated high maintenence human body has made them stronger. 
What a boring life it would've been had Eve not ate that pomegranate and shot the shit with that black snake...ol' scratch.  Adam was one true boring ass motherfucker...all he wanted to do
was work on his car
do crossword puzzles
jerk off on the interwebz
get drunk with the monkeys
and use a stick to hit a plum into a gopher hole...he called it...Golf.
He was one huge and unadulterated crashing bore.
Eve threw the dice.  Thanks for the knowledge...good and bad.

as for your other question...


Of course it's possible for two people of the opposite sex to create art together
and enjoy one another's company and share things...of course it depends dead on
just how much of an attraction it was that lead you or them or both of you down the path
towards one another...sometimes it's a crush...and sex can ruin whatever you crawl into bed
drunk on libations, get down right dirty as two hungry dogs fighting over a rotting steak and the next morning you just feel grossed feel like the rotting steak and the language you once spoke together now has turned into embarassed grunts.
Then again...some long lasting romances started out just as good
I guess it's best just to get it out on the table right off.  If yer both scoobied out of your heads with desire
then by all means, devour one another...but if it's more of a one sided crush...then end the friendship if it hurts too much or grow past those urges and do great work and have good times....

or maybe yer both just big enough to keep it all hush and just fuck like wild dogs on every lunch break you both get....which in most cases...leads to a disgruntled and worn out road....

Depends if yer shooting for honesty....or yer wanna get a little depraved...a little decadent...a little evil.
I have found friendship works best for me....anybody can fuck and feel useless...I'd rather hold a light to my friend with a warm heart than to feel their cold and careless body fluid creepin' down my leg like devil spit.
It's yer call....*

I wish you well and thank you for your questions...bless yer heart




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