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ASK iAN * Besprizorniki (“The Neglected Ones”): Yana’s Story, by David Gillanders.

tumblr_mlqoo3ceSL1s3ggdno1_1280tumblr_mlqoo3ceSL1s3ggdno4_1280tumblr_mlqoo3ceSL1s3ggdno6_1280tumblr_mlqoo3ceSL1s3ggdno5_1280 tumblr_mlqoo3ceSL1s3ggdno2_1280tumblr_mlqoo3ceSL1s3ggdno7_1280tumblr_mlqoo3ceSL1s3ggdno8_1280tumblr_mlqoo3ceSL1s3ggdno9_1280tumblr_mlqoo3ceSL1s3ggdno10_1280 1184756_644218902276869_576091186_n Someone should protect the little ones when Politicians, Popes, The Educated & God can't quite cut the mustard.  Little kids don't need much to make 'em happy...and when they're not even offered a chance...then something is wrong with your theories and system...they're  broken.  Drugs are an escape from reality...and something tells me that there is something horribly wrong with those in charge of establishing the landscape and surroundings of reality...and You cocksuckers know just who the fuck You are...shame on yer dirty broken souls.
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