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tumblr_mi98shCUvL1qb8vpuo1_500   The thought of Mortality alone should be enough to set a fire under your Ass so gawd damned Hot that not only do You accomplish in this Life everything You ever dreamt of doing but also make some other people's dreams come true along the way...and then racing into the last stretch, You Hit the Finish Line so scalding Hot that you set the Finish Line ribbon on fucking Fire* with so little left for the caretaker to cremate, he simply blows your ashes into an urn like you did blowing out your 1st birthday cake candle* Don't wait until You are at the lip of your grave to speak your mind or Live the life You want...that shit is for cops, soldiers and others who take orders because they're just doing their jobs...Life is not a job. It's a lot of things baby, but it ain't a job.
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