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ASK iAN * D.G.O.

Photobucket God made Man in their Own Image...A One Eyed Thirsty Toad tongue pressing Vegas buttons for Sony coin* i Drove straight inta Hell like a Poor Man bearing Gifts... i trespassed to whisper into a Gift Horse's somber ear and had mine kicked Open... i wept when maybe i should have been buying a coat of armor...i gazed towards the Heavens as the Devil Rained Sloe Year drool in Mah Eye... What's ah blues Culprit without a malady? An FM Radio Hit. Photobucket Life as You knew it is Over Old boy...Ya just don't know it yet* With the Years come thoughts that could only arrive like a bloodied bundle... I went looking for a flower in the desert only to be Destroyed by a Mountain of Bad Energy in the flat land bad lands of Eastern 'Taw I lived free as a Rose or the bird asunder it...and now the devilish have deemed Me to Rot on this ball like an Anaconda with a severed gambler's marked & spaded hand i am no suicide...yet Deep Sea Astronaut blue helmet diving with the Devil... Cotton balls can lead to Pussyitus... See you in the chrome wash cemented boot backwash bone Home of the Grave...* Oh well...
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