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I don't know what happened to Radio When i was growing Up they played what was kool and new at the Time and Now They are Still Playing that same shit Instead of Baby Boomer bombs they are slingin' baby boomerang nostalgia and it sounds like physical  cringe How's about supporting some TIMELESS rockand roll instead of just rehashing what has already done been paid in full? Does somebody's boss miss Jr. High or High School that fucking Much? Wake Up You obsolete shits eddie money journey boston rod stewart (it's an endless fuckun' slew) FUCK. Pull the vibrator from your insecure Prom sorrowful Holes and remove the druqs from your aging church, dope and booze wrecked veins

Break the snooze button on your Time Warp Coma for Heaven's Sake Before it's too Late ... .* For YOU COME ON BABY TAKE A HINT!    


i can't keep going...there are too many Timeless Albums to  throw at your complete inadequacy You silly Bastards You're so Dead You don't even know that Adverts are the NEU Radio and i am my Own private Radio Station Yer Fossilized and Ya don't even know it. Sad Arses*
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