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                                                                                                                                                 PETER HAYES foto by iAN iAN, I've just realized again how hilarious you are…"just dont get the dong and balls on the fo'head, that's my next work of body art." - brilliant, I laughed my chunky arse off…I think it wouldn't be right to meet the Club on tour as the forth member will be missing or are you also coming to Europe?  -  Catherine 560726_442138519144034_752007693_n Dear Cat of the sweet chunky arse... Not a good idea right now, Luv...they need to be really focused , i would turn them into a murderous Spinal Tap in a week if they aint already.

We tested this out once.  I spent a week with them during rehearsals for the new album.  By the end of the week, Pete had flipped me off so many times that his middle finger actually got stuck in that "fuck you" position and we had to bring in a hand chiropractor and a good spirit medium to get his finger back down into guitar playing position.    i got on Robert's nerves so bad that a week after i left town, he spent a full week inside of a whiskey bottle at a gun range with a photo of ASK iAN as target practice...and Leah,  she got so sick and tired of my monkey ass that she enrolled in a yoga was that, or suffocate me in my sleep with a bass drum full of tiny bean bags.

                                                                                                                                        I love Europe, but i love the band more.


                                                                                                                                         PETE with stuck finger and me making fun of his stuck finger

264782_237621369595751_100000436680882_867106_3736696_n                                                                                                                 The Day we got Pete's middle finger set back to normal...he used a cigarette just to flip me the fuck off you can plainly see...i was really tired of being flipped off...i got it Pete....i got it man!


                                            Robert's trigger finger ready for the gun range...


                                                                                        Leah starting to catch a dose of the fuck iAN Pete finger syndrome

                                                                                      before she made an appointment for Yoga class.

                                                                                      Remember friends...those who give each other space...stay together...and i am a loverly fellow....

                                                                                      in very, very fucking small...very fuckun' tiny Let's have a GREAT TOUR!

Love from San Francisco

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