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          collageWAs the vagina gives birth to vengeance and future mayham...we count our coins by the side of the dust bowl road The Sun Above collects it's dues down assunder in the jugular cutting trade winds Motors huff hood corshly pack madder loud as the old branch scuddle into the mouth piss franiques of the hopeful North cola fountains Shamefully i was born't from A slow moving once virgin i got clouted out tearing at my eyes with sharp tiny paws a headache strong with visions of coins an insect drowning in pennies the mob did nickle and dime me to a favorable death hot to the touch fire in the heel a frightful running locomotive abortion drawing right out of the coloring book and past the edge of the table and climaxing over the side into the dog dish of nowhere I fucked my flowers i shot up my guts begging to be murdered by a man with no plan i got bored and drank myself silly in the west Tired of answers i sussed out cancer gave my ears to metal tonged my tongue to the guilt, shame and pride of the Past Roll the dice sniff the poison covet the dead body lake of the world drinking in modern news the same way i pissed out the infant powerful past...a new DNA bird pricked with vengeance, ugliness, and bad news vibes. Laugh at the hand that feeds You soft knives i built this bed of numb chill out of rockand roll bones and stones i didn't come here to worship your friendship i came to romance You into breaking me i gave you everything i had to give until i was handing out thin Air. Take Your Time....grind it over fine in your simple mind...and by the time you come to make good with the past gone to find my ghost to the right cause nothing chrome can last.
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