hone away from the crowd like a discarded harmonica…  i am gladly thrown away,
Away from the heavenly hogging cowardly crowd bent, so bent on fortune and no know.
Of Course, I miss She
Of Course, I miss the Once of Us
Of Course, I know that the tide is Forever Changed
Of Course, I know the fractions of what is now for Always

I pull my knife out
I drop off a few dollars at the death house
I take a drink and mind my own
while avoiding the sunlight
and bending my lips to shut my jaw from unfurling
the wrong notes

A Catch .22
Avoiding Jail
Screeching through Traffic
Avoiding the Holocaust of drama students
Placing my love in the backseat
Moving forward
with all my
bubblegum breath…

Yeah, it Hurts, dummy
but nothing ain’t gunna change nothing
so don’t try tae make somethin’ outta nothing
Move on baby boy

I see the Airport midnight lights
I see my soft seat in the quiet liquor night light
I keep to myself, haunted and pretty much alone
I am so in love
I am so Hurt
I was once so her
I was once bright blue
now Black
I Roll with the Ocean Coma