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Ask iAN * Demons & Wisdom


Roll with the Demons...The demons are the new Road
The Road Less Traveled.  Wisdom is what you have already learned.
Maybe God doesn't play dice
but You should
ya gotta gamble to get in on the game.

Without an impulsive personality
sometimes you can freeze up and miss out on a moment that could have been truly majikal and it won't ever
present itself ever again.  Having an impulsive personality has taken me to many places that boring common sense logic would have refrained from, played safe and sat on it's nuts at home and drank watered down coffee while watching the dead glass box talk...Impulse i say!
Even people that play it safe get fucked up trying to play it safe...we all need a lil' daredevil in us.
Sometimes when you roll with the devil you find yourself in the company of fine fellows and divine women listening to great music in the strangest of cities, or getting a bluebird tattood on your back...and sometimes you just wind up in jail for the night for pissing on a fireplug like a Russian Wolf hound with a urinal infection while swingin' yer leg like a broke dick Elvis.
or what yer talkin' aboot is just using common sense....and the world could use a little more common sense...but it also needs guts and a daredevil attitude...and a good healthy dose of self belief...You only live twice if yer lucky...once in your youth and once in your grandbag age...and if you ain't 100 years of age...reach for the stars.  Money comes and goes but opportunity is far less often...everything but people, pets, space, time, keepsakes and life and limb can be, flats, houses, motorcycles, computers, cameras, can replace.
Get ON the merry-go-round, the rollercoaster and take the ride... or go and sit on a park bench coverd in birdshit asking yourself for 10 years why the trees don't talk to you and why do all the people think yer a fuckun' Nutter?
Get busy Livin'
or Get busy
I'll be lookin' for you at the rollercoaster ticket booth...let's Rockand Roll*


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