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Ask iAN * Dirty American



   of    The Stars
                            And the Divinity of broken hearts

Blood Flowers
Held Under too Long
Life...a robbery spree*
all the richness of poverty
we don't always gamble on the right cards
bruising in the ruins of divorce and discharge papers
A million years from head a million years ago
A million years from head a million years old
Right Now
I'm in the bar
I'm in her car
I'm leaving town on a bye-bye motorcycle
blue lungs & a heart uncorrupted
by the crash landings of ongoings & unravelings, the underlying undoings,
the auspicious deceit...underlings clutching underlings




This is the Age of Misfortune
I'm all soldier blue
a cantankerous old pup
sinking my teeth into the next oncoming blow
squeezing the life force from curled and pointed horns
cause all this degradation is in fact
an easy swallow

born in blood
gripped by the eyes and scarred
sent home with my clawed face
into the American collapse
too hollow for studies
romanced by crime
bayoneted by religion
heavy on the path of deconstruction
i mainlined the dried cum of Joan of Arc
the suckerwolf

My old dead American phantom friend
of Long gone laughter
Wounded Knee
Hells Angels bright
my heart is heavy at the filling station at night
60 cents worth of gasoline
huffing the sugar sacred heart of Mary
boots move through the bass tones of crushed coors bottles




Somewhere my old friends are still keeping the true spirit alive
i give thanx to the lords and the godz and to
the american road at night
i don't think too much about tomorrow
as i'm letting go of yesterday
i keep my distance from the good guys in white
and hustle
back into
chrome of






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