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Ask iAN – Dogs of Shame / Dogs of self respect / Dog Fleur

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       I agree with you, inside all of our hearts there is good and evil, but what I meant earlier was that if you don't want some certain thing in your life, then don't get to know it.  Don't go dissecting it, don't familiarize yourself with it and avoid that paranormal part of town.

You needn't perform open heart surgery, there are no knives or saws, in fact there is no cut to the flesh for is not an operation, it's healing, it's protection and forgiveness.

The first is forgiving yourself
the 2nd is healing yourself and the third is protecting yourself.

You are always yourself alone, but you are a different person with each and every person you either know or meet.
People affect us all differently in their own unique way.  Sometimes there are two effects.  The first is your adoration
of them and sometimes there is a second effect...that of pure horror.  The 3rd effect is the feeling of nothing for that person.
That or pure hate, which isn't healthy and can stunt your evolution and retard your higher capabilities and incapable of breaking on though
to much of anywhere...and you just stay lodged in a predispossed handicapped limbo...which is nowhere to spread your wings at all...

When Prince Valiant, Mother Superior, Lady Godiva, Father Control or Best Chum turn co-dependent, violent, manipulative or smothering... then the horror sinks in...and it's only a matter of time until you chose between hate and feeling nothing.  There are people that do their best to keep your best interest in mind and then there are crazymakers and crazymakers don't always introduce themselves as such...cause that part of their personality has been put to bed behind a convincing and endearing mask...only to be revealed at a time when it is out of the blue for you.

What should be taught in school is that it doesn't matter if you are a lover or a parent, you don't own your child nor your lover.  Nobody is for sale and nobody is to be owned.  The ability to change our minds is our natural born option, but people that haven't quite came to this conclusion can often be cruel and sometimes dangerous.  It's up to you to get lost at all cost...on your own.  A healthy relationship usually has a lengthy life line...and some lines should be severed as well.  There is no easy way need to know when to let go and there is no holding on to people...if they want you, they will hang onto you and if you are not wanted then you gotta let people let go...there is no ownership and to not respect someone whom you love and their freedom to make their own decisions, then you are a one sick pup that needs therapy....lots of it.

We have all made mistakes in our past, we have all been the bad dog, the good dog, the kicked dog, the lost dog and the dog left out in the rain, left for dead....

but even a dog has enough sense to hit the road alone and find a new home and lick it's wounds.

Talking it out doesn't always help and often it can lead to more spasms of violence or being belittled...sometimes it's best at all cost to get the fuck out of dodge...

You can't work with people who refuse to grow, refuse help, refuse to admit that they have control issues...some people you just cannot save or even just love...cause all they care about is coveting...a desire to own you like a Ford Truck...

Let the past be the past
forgive yourself and forgive others from far away
This is a one time movie
and it's your movie
not theirs
The past is the grave or a sick dog you escaped
it's your movie to share or not share with an audience of 1 or many
there is no need for surgery
you heal yourself from the inside out
and become a newer, brighter...sing your body and mind electric machine...

You put your armor on and keep your heart growing stronger by avoiding things, people and places
you don't wish to dabble with again...and at the same time, never truly lose your hope in people, relationships or love and learning...
there are quite a few good folks out in the world...and you won't find them in the places you never want to be at...go where you like to go...and don't look...

The mistakes i've made growing up...i do my best to learn from and grow spring from that darker place of my dumber days and turn it around...and better myself...and those that I hurt, i do my best to be a better person to the next person i meet like them...

Fuck Perfect.  There is no perfect.

With Age, Time and a Chance...we can forgive ourselves and forgive others.
When i think of getting better, i don't mean cooler, i mean Kinder...even in the face of evil, madness and confusion...and I steer clear
of the same old, same old...and leave that damp scene to poor novices and beginners...

and Next time you look in the mirror
remember to forgive yourself for it all...and let the warmth of life swim up your spine until it reaches your ears and tingle your brain like a soft good lover running fingers through your night time hair...on a bed of peacock feathers and evening kissed clean bed sheets...

Somethings and people are not your war
don't let their war take up all of your movie hours
let go and find something fluid
like the big beautiful soul
that you know

you and you alone may possess 

Love yourself and Live Long and be your own Director

bless yer heart Dawn

Scars are beautiful paint strokes...that let you know where you've been and sometimes let you know
where you don't wanna travel to ever again....

Get it ON and kiss your reflection in the mirror for me...

believe in yourself like i believe in YOU

rock and roll


keep the faith in ......

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