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    How do you know how much money you will need to get you by until you die? How to figure out all you will need until you cast it into the casket? How much Love will you need to spread or save a millionaire or a journeyman's slave How to fill the hours of the day scrimp and save or give it all away? Time kicking you up the ass not enough time to figure out what counts before they try to hand you a xanax pillow... Consumed by modern flames burned low by the price of it all chasing our own crossword tails under chemtrails and flags and bullshit that sails No patience to even clip the old fingernails too tired for Holiday laughter i wanna sleep by horse next to water without a wake up call without a hangover a day without panic and strife a simple song that gets me right when i was a kid the world was ok when i grew up i was surrounded by mean men Listen to the wolf son Listen to the ghost of the stars Listen to the angels from Belfast Oh just Shut Up son and drink yer pint Sometimes Some hugs last longer than a thousand years and certainly longer than what money brings you i am not by the ocean i am of the ocean i am not under the lights we are of the lights We've got a long way to go in this here dark... Get a grip and press firmly on* it ain't about arriving... it's All about the Drive...
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