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The subject matter is not suitable for some children, nor is it intended for adults ages 18 and over.
While visiting 'Ask Ian' we ask participants to please refrain from using discretion, as it will only make matters worse.

Ask iAN * DRONE magazine*


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Contributors: Drone is interested in publishing quality work from contributors. At this stage, unfortunately, we don't pay for contributions. Published work, however, will be exposed to a rapidly growing audience.

Musicians: Of course, we want to hear from you. Please email the above address. As a disclaimer, because of the large volumes of material Drone receives, we cannot guarantee a review on the site for exchange of your album. We will listen to your work though - and we love hearing from you.

Readers: Write, write, write. Tell us what you love, what you despise, what you want more or less of. Drone is all about informed opinions. We want to hear yours. Just make it tasteful and contributing to the discussion. Drone is a celebration of music and culture, with an open mind and respect for artists.

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