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I remember a girl i knew back in my school daze...and we could really make one another laugh...
I remember she got pregnant, and felt like she couldn't talk to her parents, or the cop that got her pregnant
so she went to his apartment early one morning before school began and while he was in the shower, she took out his revolver and blew a big red fucking
crater into her chest cavity and got gone, real gone.

I remember a friend of mine finding out that his girl had left him for another man...and he went into a field and shot himself in the face.
I remember a friend of mine finding out his girlfriend didn't love him, so he called the police on himself and shot himself in front of the cops.
I remember a friend of mine whose girlfriend left him and he got into a car, in a garage, and gassed himself to death.
I remember a friend of mine whose girlfriend left him and so he took pills, shot black tar, and drank vodka until he turned blue and trashed off to the after life...
I remember a friend who overdosed in the bathroom of a fast food restaurant and died on the bog.
I remember a friend whose girlfriend died, so he locked himself away and shot junk until he lost all of his teeth, weighed less than 100 pounds and died soiled into his fuckin' divan.

I also remember so many glowing translucent faces that were stricken by disease that really really WANTED to LIVE and and were handed a final notice, handed a death warrant, stripped of their memories and laid to rest.

I am done with all of that.
2012 is not the year of grunge.
This is not the year we sit around carving cocaine scars into jewel cases.
This is not the year we label ourselves as Losers.
This is not the year that we die with a needle in our arm from chasing the dragon on two broke legs, a spine made of jelly, and a shit talking alter-ego.  This is not the year that we worship rock stars.
This is not the year we listen to celluloid babble.
This is not the year that we take shit from stupid.
This is not the year that we second guess ourselves for another second.
This is the year that we quit primping in the mirror and became the mirror, became the reflection, the reflection of the world around us.
A Global Entity.
A Global Force.
A Global dagger in the very heart of

This is the year that cute won't cut it.
This is the year that negative words fall off of you and i like dirty rain.
This is the year that if  i see you hurting yourself, i will kick you in your fucking jaw.
This blood is red
We All feel poorly often...but this is the year of
no excuses
no more pitter patter
no more hanky panky
no more procrastination

and now don't get me wrong.
This is not the year to be so strong...that you are unbreakable...
This is also the year of tenderness...the delicate hand, the feather rising over the barricades, the year of the well balanced

Cut your losses
Quit doing what doesn't work.
Stop pining for dog shit.
Stop barking up the tree that the black cat left a year ago.
This is Not the year we listen to Courtney Love
This is the year that we listen to
our own
abstract logic
abstract reason
abstract necessities
abstract hearts
abstract magick
abstract planet

I mean isn't it about time you forgave yourself for the short comings of others?
Isn't it the time to quit taking the blame for the fuck ups of somebody else?
Is it not time that you called upon the Godz who only want to dress you up in dignity and protect you on this dirty road to oblivion?
You bet your Ass it's time to Dig Yourself.
I don't mean in the old, boring and dreary narcissistic way...where yer jerking off to your own reflection in some make shift piss pond...
I ain't talking about that.
Gather yourself.
Don't look Death in the eye...let death get in line with all the other complainers, vixens, idiots, mongrels, crazy makers, shit stormers, and befuddled dip shits that wanna sling piss all over your parade as they congratulate you...those days are behind us now...there is only one way to go and we are shooting not just for the stars, not just for the heavens but further out...something bigger than a bible could ever hope to lasso...electric # 1 *

Smoking will eventually kill you.
So will Life.
Is that all you got!


Mind what you eat.
Stay off of other people's toes
pardon yourself when you fuck up
be mindful
remember what you think is funny may not be funny to those that are hurt down find their deep sea blue light...and sing a song in a register that they can relate the calm inside of the storm...instead of another hole in the boat.
It ain't easy &
practice makes perfect.
Keep your aim true...when you help others you are helping yourself at the same about your fucking multi-tasking, son!

I remember girls i have loved...
this girl said
she hated her tits...but i loved her tits.
This girl hated her nose...i loved the shape of her nose, it drove me mad, dad!
This girl hated the stench that arose from her vagina...
and i agreed...i mean good golly...that was one stanky pussy, brother!
no but really...she was a stinky little powder puff.
No but really...
we are
our own worst critic and this is not the year to downgrade yourself...
this is the year to acknowledge all of those different things about you...and be thankful...
thankful that you are not cut from a cookie cutter...

then again...i am the kind of fellow that has french kissed girls in wheel chairs, girls who have no arms, girls with different colored eyes, or as i like to say...beautiful women. 

So how to stop the self loathe?
When you wake up, count yourself lucky that you are even still fucking drawing don't how many people and animals around the world just died last night.  Poor cut yourself off quick in the morning and be thankful to the lordz and the godz and the devil...that you are even still here to fucking complain about the tea being slightly cool instead of piping hot.

In almost everything you see there is a reminder of how good you have it.

grass = people and animals are buried below it all over the entire earth...and you are walking ON it, on your way to get a 6 dollar cup of coffee.
count yer blessings...and of course you can't do this all day and night...people would kill you just to shut up your be humble to a degree...

I have met Johnny Depp a few times and i have met people with 67 cents in their pocket...and i found them both of the same breed...just good goddamn people...good hearts.

if you have a talent, be thankful for that...
if you don't?  Well you just haven't found your niche, your song, quite yet...give it time...goodness comes around...but if you kill jipped yourself...

lost the love of your Life?
fuck it
get over that junk
love yourself first and then you can give again...and you will always meet somebody quite fine down the road as long as you participate in Life itself...
this isn't a pizza delivery service
if you have no where to go and no one waiting for you in the wings....GOOD.
Take a shower, put on your favorite clothes and put on your favorite music and dance electric...but why?

Cause you are ALIVE.

Celebrate what i love about you.

Snowflake motherfucker.*


Photobucket get up, dust yourself off, imperfection is perfection...your scars are beautiful...and last but not least ....Love yourself Like I Love You. ;) iAN
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