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      tumblr_lh7l3mOijg1qd3d9oo1_400Murdered Slowly Day by Day from the waking shower hour to washing off these nights of disarray... Let's murder this slowly cut me down to size when it all ashes down it's smaller than a boot box memory, work, dedication, love, holidays, emergencies, night talks, fright talks, telephone loss... i wanted to come Up but i couldn't fucking find the Light the switch was broke the burn was bulbed out another excuse is all i'm ever worth i'm not Low i'm not strung out just through with your anti jung heaviosity and boredom... Twisted fans bleached bed post unshaven rakes dead grass an ass full of other men's past splendors...i feel as concave as a caveman having his iris' read at a vending machine for toilet penis products...could've been a sunken cum shot down the rim i hooved it out with the crackheads & witches the Colgate strong, the lice of lying dead dog bitches You can't hitch when you're too busy foaming i faint and faint all over again The power mad rich the soft second hand mind violence the soft tissue of our torn out could have been past nothing problematique life
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