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Sexual ignition on fire and jolted out by the Father's lower intestine's roof muscle and
into a molecule egg where the ghost gets planted like an invisible spirit seed, then
down, connected to an umbilical chord with only 3 notes
to hang there as the first kindness you will ever know
bites you from the mouth of a knife
and your first handshake is an upside down slap...and growing like a tadpole into a haunted Church, that's
if you make it that far, to endure the safety of whirlwinds, tornados, Love's landslides, and bloodloss expulsions, the kid fist, the bar fist, the blindside from the lifeside...growing so tall into the sons and daughters of decay that
you become...a the face of the forever burning Sun...all too fast and a little
all too cool...
as the world spins on it's axis with a yo-yo effect zippering up inside of your center lake...taking your legs out while the dummy weight lifts off right on high up the highway of the spleen to ring the bell at the top of your dizzy circle...where the dead loved ones live inside that grave of your head...that circus of your childhood bleeding out to the sound of long lost love favorite songs that you can't place the melody or title to any longer...and you give up the ghost
as the tree roots pull you carbon egg cartons decompressing under gravity stress...and it's a puff, a collapse, a suitcase shut on a lifetime line of what should have been infinite memories...
of the glands
the sounds of your Mother's singing voice in the plum coloured moon of your flesh belly windowless room...your daddy churning into soft soil apple seeds and and taking root...just like him and will become...
Make Something of yourself, they say, even though they all know we are growing into a few chords plucked from our heart strings....


= Nowhere

which is at the sametime...Somewhere....Something

Hell, Mama....I was always goin' places, love.  Only One Destination...and after that...endless.... .*

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