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Ask iAN * Gets to Play Holy Ghost B.R.M.C. Band Member for a Day

If you thought Nick Jago was a handful, then you ain't got a Load of Me yet.  The band didn't know what to do with me...if I wasn't trying to squeeze their asses, or pick'pocket them, I was annoying them with my kamera, licking Leah's armpit, resting on Rob's knob or trying to steal Pete's tobacco.  I can't help it, i live and breathe their rock and roll medical condition and the fact that they got me hooked on Monster drank and Almonds only gave me more energy to be a dynamite stooge...and add new white phosphorus songs to my spirit and I am one tripped up honky on the sweet vine of the Lords musical mystique current...Just a quick thank you to the band for keeping me out of jail, out of the line of fire, out of the hands of madmen and into the arms of those I truly adore...Them...thank you for your hospitality and patience....when B.R.M.C. flip me the bird or point an invisible gun to my head...I know it's just cause they love me...right???...i fancy.....We don't like you, we just wanna try you.....


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