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ASK iAN * Hallowe’en Idears

          Halloween is my favorite Holiday.  The shadow holy ghost brother of Christmas.  A time to remember dead family and friends and a time for candy, ghost, mischief, shenanigans, ghouls, witches & tits.  A time for apple bobbin', pumpkin jackin', neck lickin' and knob pullin'.  A time to watch old horror films, a time for monster madness, ouija boards, caramel apples, sweet beer from the cauldron, a time to make merry under the moon and stars and run through the graveyard cause you will someday be among the tombstones you race by...

  I'm kinda old fashioned when it comes to costumes.  I dig
red devils
casper the friendly ghost
witches & warlocks
phantoms and shadows
princesses, evil queens, vampyres and scarecrows...and hoodlums.*

I try to not suss out any costume that is gonna be a pain in the Ass all night and make it difficult
to take a piss at the Halloween party. 
This year it's worn out Levis jeans rolled up
motorcycle boots
old white T-shirt
a splash of fake blood
and a halloween bag full of lamb hearts from the local kiosk.
A fuckload of grease in mah hair...

I wish you all a very haunted Halloween...
Don't drink and drive, look both ways when yer x'ing the street, steal candybags from the bigger kids, not the wee lil' punks and don't go knockin' over tombstones at the graveyard (be respectful).
If it's kicks yer after...T.P. the bigest bourgeois church near you.

I'll have to get back to you on that tranzaction biz'nuss...for I don't rightly know how to go 'bouts that...cheers*



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