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Ask iAN * Heads Up Motherfuckers – The Cobbs

major players as in God's balls 
Paul Cobb
Ryan Cobb
Chris Coello
Cody Ferdinand
Michael Prince
Philadelphia, PA
For years now, Bucks County, Pennsylvania boys, The Cobbs, have been living like total and complete rock stars right under your nose, making one iteration of heavy, Brit-infused fuzz rock after another. Having started off as “Ty Cobb”, then taking a brief respite at the moniker “Mad Action” when the estate of the real Mr. Cobb got antsy, they have finally arrived at, quite simply, “The Cobbs”.

Lots of people are slow to the pull of water and grain and only come indoors when their head is wet and full of Rain...don't be a sucko'tash bastard of the Lame...know thy score...get yer wet mouth around the sound of the Cobbs...
New Album
Coming Soon
Enough to drag your sorry sweet ass through the gloom and doom of your parent's living room and out into the high entrails of God's own goliathonique digestitive valve...
This is music to roar hot fanged through the garage of your X Lover's hole like a runaway train high on cocaine and hand me down condoms...with your bullshit tears trapped in a zip lock bag...
this is the music that angels hum when they get the blues
this is the kinda music that swings my dick worse than Northern Soul
This is music to live your life by...
and take a few out with...
I'm In with
Crowd*, Son.

dontfuckaround.... .* buy their records*
dream of white clown dongs
and be your own dream web catcher
and Never forget the Sweet Awesome Power of the beautiful

Neil Paxton is a Whopper of a deathly sterling diamond geezer from the band House of Dolls...but we shall save that lil' gem for another time, aye? aye.*
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