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Ask iAN * Hitching a Ride into Nowhere



How does this work?
This life without blueprint?
Where in the hell are we going?
I ask of you
and all I ever got was dead
dog bones
squashed cats with empty sockets
broken bike chains
broken heart lockets
the left over scent of dry red hair...

What is this Tomb i am facing?
I just got off the train
yet I've been on it like for a really long time...
Who are these feathered people that speak languages i've never heard
but understand...
The 3 headed Dog
The viper swallowing it's own tail
The fuzzy phantom face in the rearview mirror
The dead Christmas smiles in the crystal ball...
The blood that lives below the ocean surface
the devil down below the shark's white belly
the dead girl
in the
dog food chain gang grave

Swimming through all of this
trash & luggage
we battle for the next tomorrow
we gambling for the Sun to Rise
we throw off yesterdays like disguarded t-shirts and jeans
and Lovers come and go like flushing money down a toilet...
I scrape at the air i breathe
i eat dirt by the handful until I'm clogged
i choke on the gossip of stripped friends
my eyes foam with wrecked rubber desire
if i only had a pair of red wings
i would teach them all a thing or two

stupid saps
ivory cusp
empty torsos
mesa maggots
answerless guns

walking around with jewels in the teeth
striking matches in a snake pit
clubbing until the drugs up done and swallow you
sniffing around for Queen Ant answers

The law of the land is
a wand over the eyes of choices
pre meditative abortion
God's own sex torn paradise of flies and egyptian eye charmers
This paradise of dummies and sucktoads
this stranglehold of broken pen pushers
this crippled year of our lord
giving off the drip of amputated false eyelashes

Crashing the gates of fake Heaven
bum rushing the legions of dead grass homes
driving in circles on this mad red and blue earth
home is where the hearse drove

stay in the middle of your sextet nowhere blues
stab at the North wind
crawl to the stars through empty bottles of 2nd hand dreams

you dig your own grave in the stomach of the Devil.

Then Sleep forever.
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