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IF the fight was "fair" there would be no fight at all and that is why those with corrupted hearts gave birth to
lies, deceit, falsehoods, false flags, false faces, empty words, because without cheating they were never much a match for Us.
Choose the Heart of the Native American or the Life Crushing tools of the Nazis...You choose a side or remain a cog in the wheel.
Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong and when you lack what it takes to be a decent human being and you don't want to work for it then you devise short cuts to make your way to the top...whatever the top is.

A healthy amount of fear keeps you on your toes, keeps you alert, but when you let the fear of the unknown consume you...paralyze you...and dismantle your dreams then you know it's time to get a job application at IKEA.

These aren't the Days and Nights of Patti Smith's New York...This is a Whole New Meaner Monster.  It didn't take anything back then to be an idealist almost everybody was...and Today....EVERYONE is an entertainer, a rock star, a poet, a writer, a a dreary electronic sea and  social network world where the only thing truly undiscovered is yourself and your potential...unless you back off like a wild animal, get lost and suss it out.

We can't live like they once did because that world simply does not exist any longer.
I don't really think you really want to "Arrive" at your zenith at the age of You?
Save something for the long you really wanna be The Strokes and know by the age of 30 that you've already Hit your climax?
Fuck That, Sam!
23... even though you have already accomplished much, is a good age to take notes, cut and paste, study the killing floor, cut your teeth, sharpen your knives, cause what i wanted at 23 isn't truly the same as what i want now...dreams and goals change through the years and through experience...and ya got fear of the unknown...fear of the past coming at you like Hellhounds up your backside...chasing you into a cold looking better time to be a Bob Dylan than Right Now*

an unsure future...these are truly Great things...exciting things if you can get your perception on correctly...if you think Life is unsure and foreboding...wait until you get a whiff of the After-Life where it all really begins...Life is just a trial by fire...and what you make of yourself here and what you fill yourself up with what you will swim in, in the next world.... .*

If you fail in NY
dust your bones off, get stronger and start again...

23 is not too young to die.
23 years old with decent health is a great time to start truly living.
Roll the dice.
You can win money and success
but you can't win Health and Time or Soul.

If NY isn't your thang...there is still San Francisco and the rest of the World...and who knows...
Maybe NY is Only a Stepping Stone and you just don't know it.
Long Ago I moved to Seattle because i wanted to live in Seattle...little did I know that it was just a stepping stone to Los Angeles and beyond...Berlin, Poland, Helsinki, Canada, BRMC WORLD.
The World may mold your opinions to a degree but you yourself also play a huge part in this molding...

The only real fear you should have right now is that in 10 years you may look back at photos of yourself at 23 and be very embarrassed by your haircut and clothing beware and dress timelessly.

As for the boy.  If it is meant to be and you go to NY without him...if it is true will come together by the laws of fate, gravity, magnetique fields, and vortex dharma, whatever the fuck that all's outta my league and i've no fucking clue how all that don't sweat it, cause you can't control it.

There IS no Right Time You have to be a fully grown should still be growing and learning all the way to the tomb.
Settle Down and be Serious?
We doubt it.
If you mean throwing in the towel cause you just can't cut it no more...then yeah...bunker down in your cubical and file those forms...pump out some kids, visit your doktor for medz that spazz you out, throw your love life and your life and travel out the window and grow old and crumble...

or Explode...

Maybe take your passions seriously
take the love of your craft, job whatever it is and take that seriously...
Maybe even seriously have some fucking fun.
Some say Life is those that suffer and suffer and suffer everyday for many many is long, cold and cruel...
Nobody is Fearless...stupid maybe or flat out nuts...but never fearless...and some say to face your fears...and i seriously doubt at anytime in the future you will see me trying to horse whisper to a pack of great white fuck that action...

I did however enjoy your should keep that up as long as it burns within for don't need to make money to have a blast drumming...if you have your job in NY...find a band and drum the fuck ON...Music Saves not Music Savings and Loan...

You Have Your
a good Job
drumming and writing skills...etc
What Millions of people around the Globe wouldn't give to be you for even just a week.
Don't waste it on fear...Rise UP and Conquer those fears...
Do it for yourself and for those that can't and wish they could...
Love Yourself
count your blessings and lucky stars
and have some fucking Fun

Working for the minimum wage is how they sell you on plunking down and taking life serious...
The minimum wage and the jobs that pay those are a joke...
Don't get loused up in that mouse trap
stake your claim in this strange
bless yer Heart
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