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Photobucket Don't fuckun' fix it. i don't want the Wheel RE-invented... i don't want a pint glass in the shape of something (like a Stingray) that can't hold pish Don't want guitar strings made out of glass Don't want a condom made of nails i don't want a Dentist that only works with a hammer and chisel... i don't want my jeans to have more lights than a disco i just want a pair of black jeans with a snap button, a zipper, 4 pockets and belt loops...Michael Jackson is dead and so are Your out of Date clueless ideas... i don't want your new bland your daily so-called "improvements" New and Improved translates into Cheap & Pre-Broken... Modern i would love to break their teeth out with my Helmet You piss on History You piss on our Grandparents You piss up Your own spine in Your thornless bed Your chemical bed burning FSC Your Diphenhydramine Your Children Marketed Phenylalanine Your X Shaped clouds Your Old stinking strategies...and your rat infested Saks 5th Avenue basement stench Butcher Dentist with Rubber mouthflowers Rat-fink Doktors selling out patients like stool pigeons for the Nazis Voting booths clean as rigged one armed bandits and lotto machines Dentist in support of fluoride Doktors against Hospice You motherfuckers are transparent alright...i see right through you like a clear stream of piss Modern Mediocrity sold as individuality cars 3 choices ain't a selection Becoming Extinct is quite exciting...something you'll never know To have lived Life True To have fed the starving to have spoke with children through pencil, string, water, dirt and electricity to have burned off of grains, leaf, rain, and juice and can claim true history by the machine gun mowing down of your mice Spoiler Alert You die too ya fuckin' fart and when the devil comes for you like an endless legged octopus remember me winking in your piss weeping frightened eyes... Flame ON* Skags You always needed a problem and our only problem was YOU Rev. iAN
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