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The Only thing i condone is being Yourself if it doesn't fuck somebody else up, and i especially condone it if you feel like You are suffocating and can't breathe or tell the truth of your own Road to somebody you hold a candle up High You might get burned or snuffed yourself...i don't dig that pressure on people, especially young people trying to figure out their own Road....i got a couple of letters in the ASK iAN MAIL.....THEY broke my heart and they reminded me of why we make music, make friends and find excuses to never return to shit ass schools and crap jobs ever again....and the clincher is that it's the kids that know, not the so called need a minimal guidance system...they don't need a war skull blood clot scalp arsed blood clot mainlined dragged regiment. Your kids need to be loved. Straight, Gay, black, Neon, 2 headed, peg legged, crow slanted, tit stunted, God hated, silver tongued whatever the fuck....listen to Your God damn kids for a change...instead of listening to what you ain't got the guts to fucking Roll, ya might learn somp'in, ya sarry mo'fuckers... Dear iAN I remember once you asked if i was gay, and you were certain of it, and you were right, I am gay, came out, it is tough at my fucking school for the fucked in the head... anyway, its smooth sailing with my boyfriend ( about 4 months together )... How strange: An interracial, gay, vegetarian, fearless relationship in the heart of the bible belt midwest, of all places. But really I adore my friends and i will love them until i fade away somehow. I have learned a lot, i'm soaking youth in, and so far it has been very fruitful, i learned a lot about myself. i would love to see you. Ill send you some Art i have been doing lately, i think you would like it. Ida (8 yrs old) wrote this today... "Gay Issues: Some people think it is very wrong to be gay, but really anyone can be gay. Some other people think everyone should not be gay. But lots of people know its ok to be gay if they want to be gay. If someone asks if you are gay, don't lie, just say that you are if you are, then say you are very proud and you don't even care what that person thinks. If you grow up and you are gay, don't think you're being selfish, just be who you want to be. Sense lots of people hate gay people, I thought that if everyone just be their selves, then hopefully everyone will be fine with gay people. End Of Column." Out of the mouths of babes..Werd* K GAY is NOT the Issue Love is ON Trial. Freedom IS on Trial. Be safe Be Good 2 1 Another... Love and Protect Yourselves... Give a fuck about people differnt than You... The old Testement Never mentions Hugs. Give them anyway until you learn how to cry for those with a harder day than Yours Amen.9d587fd8944311e2989522000a9f3c91_7                                         if You have a problem with people being gay, black or free...You've Landed Upon the Wrong band, so Get Fucked.  Lepton.  yes, the page is going through some construction....all clumped the'gither....everybody is welcomed to this goddamned feast....the table is open for everyone, except for motherfuckers.   Late xi*
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