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Ask iAN * I’m IN with the OUT crowd



      There ain't nothing to do about it.  A zebra can't change it's are who you are and being different from the herd isn't's a bittersweet symphony going against the grain.  Sharks don't live in trees and tigers don't live underwater and you are who you are, feel no shame for what you are (Jeff Buckley).  It's not so interesting outside because it is "their" idea of the world, and it IS their world so we just try and live in it the best way we know how...and yes it's a struggle.  Like me you just gotta keep your eyes peel'd for where the freaks meet and at the same time, trying to avoid brutes and soul crushers on a daily B.R.M.C everyone knows what it's like to be an outcast, an outsider...but as a friend of mine is fond of saying...i'm in with the out crowd.  Wave your freak flag, dig yourself, keep your eyes trained on the badman and the bad medicine they serve...and as Nick Cave sang ABOVE ALL THINGS...I MUST FIRST LOVE MYSELF.

bless yer heart and're not're with us.


It makes 'em Dangerous...

If they hate me they will hate you too - Jesus

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