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ASK iAN * i’M On A Wire to See Your Star….. *Shine



Goodnuss Grief yung Sir!
Never ask a Great Chef his saucy secrets!
Never ask Houdini about his weenie!
Never ask Evil Kan'evil about his motorcycle dong work!
Don't be drawn to the temptation of the Pandora's lockbox kind Sir!

Good heavens Omar!
Listen's not about somebody telling you what the secret of the sauce is...well...unless that is the secret to HOUSTON Restaurant's spinach dip which my good Mother stole, like a bat outta hell to bring us our Christmas supper...but sir, that was out of good tidings....and why should only the 1 % have the ingredients to such lofty cream driven orgasmostiques?
Fuck Houston's....Mother and I hold the fire!

I forget myself sir...please excuse me....but really Omar...a man's guitar galaxie is no tablature fancy for guitar world, hesher's weekly, guitar center classes....the point i am trying badly to illustrate is that the FUN IS trying to find it ON YOUR OWN....not given the answer...and this will force you to become closer with your instrument...not yer cock...but yer guitar..some men, not Pete, even though his name is Peter is besides the point...but the fun is to hunt it a rare book, like the enchanted lover....the dream of fresh night air in a foreign city without bombs overhead, but love in the Air....thick as the plague years with the need for that soft azure glowing tit...titillation sir!

Another reason you never want the answer is that it takes all the majick out of the song...and then you know what yer cookin' without caring....a guitar is like fine cooking....or exploring a lover's body for like 12 hours without shooting yer cum on the cat's forehead or the dog's ear'bone.....(ignore that...just personal stupid experiences, fine sir)

The reason it's best you don't also because you may find another sound whilst sussing up Pete's sound and find your own signature sound my man!
I have done so much experimenting with guitar/4 track/ effects unit sounds that even some of the finest pickers in this land and yours cannot to this day figure out what the fuck i did to get that sound....and when they ask....i cannot tell them...because frankly, Omar...i was drunk as train victim drunk on pee pee, bozo cold whiz and lung medicines.... so we just scratch our scalps and try to figure it out all over again...which IS THE FUN.

get a number 9 pencil
and a tampon pad to write upon....umph!

When the song begins from 0:00 to 0:60 he is using a
PEAVY HEAVY WICK santa cruz cocklicker hammerlodique god fuzz baby beard ancient skull blue driver ( Listed on for 13.98 U.S. currency and 13 cents in euros...and in dublin...2 pints and yer skull clobbered)

After 0.60
Pete switches his right boot and lands upon the BOSS RC-30 Loop Station...but mind you he has taken a screw driver to that baby and re twigged it...a little lube, a new decimal hammer....and a proton wig to cover the battery chamber....moving right along....

Next he peels forth with his boot toe and puss smooches the land's end button of a FULLTONE obsessive / compulsive overdrive stumpulator...humps that badboy with his toe boot until it bleeds it's toxic shock...and backs the fuck off...and slams straight down into

the Dunlop Crybaby for a big fuck Chief spanky
then hammers left and lightly, ever so gently toe-fucks his little Roscoe rhythm punky boy pedal....and then before the song is through...the last bars and strums...and shit....he finds the strength to bounce his big ol' toe boot toes in between two pedals...back and forth...forth and and fro....

The Ibanez fuck your mommy slitchy banger cum soda reprise and the Digi-tech lord nuts power fuzz inductor overdrive...then he sails out like the effeminate son of a banker  on to higher things like smoking yellow box american cigarette, and bending light like Icarus heading for the Sun by the guide of
Rabindranath Tagore...which yes...does make our pussies swell, ovulate and pray to death for a lover to get us through the night....

So there you have it Sir...Sir Omar!  I have given up the ghost tranquility secrets of Pistol Pete's sad rose entrance....hope yer happy buddy!

It's never about learning how to play like others...
it's about listening to the stargodz...the aliens....the symmetry static and the chemical call of the cemetery swine.....and about the tones your heart makes...for it rings differently when your mother is
A.  Alive
B.  Dead
You are two boys with two different sounds
Twins on a forked road...
Dying and living all at once
So what is the sound of your heart?
Let your fingers speak for your innards
Let the electricity creep up your spine like the history of man...
Speak in your own tongue.....find the ghost guitar that warms to you like the other half of you that was lost when you were born in spirit.....

Hold it close like a hot summer night in murder valley...don't sweat about what others use....find a tea pot and bang your guitar against it with a microphone....just don't test putting a wet tongue or a wet dick into an electrical socket cause i mastered that shit already and have puffy lips and cock to show for it....all you get is a hair raising scream that makes dog ears twist....not exactly Top 40 dick clark twisty sounds......

Experiment with whatever you have.....take the time to weave yourself into your instrument.....and then plug into one hundred dynamos....kick boots...and find the timing of your spirit speak/talk......

This Year when you see Pete LIVE, maybe you'll bump into him....he's the kind black cat minding his own and trying to understand the polite...ask him in an easy fashion your question....i am sure he would tell you exactly the right pedals to a time card.....

Pete listened to Jimi Hendrix....but he found his own footing on his you GOT to do Omar*

The equation of all good love music probably grows from the garden of Kevin Shields......and in my book Rowland S. Howard (R.I.P) AND TOO MANY TO LIST.

You don't need this answer need to just take the time and discover new worlds on your own....


you are in a cover band

and if that is thy case

you are whole heartedly


bless your heart Omar...walk in the stars.....and give us sweet necturized music.....goodnight*

I would like to say big Chief Cheers to Nick McCabe for giving us the cleanest soul new sounds of forever....cheers....ya fucker*
Also to Don Strong, Robert Been, Billy Duffy and Elliott Smith (the list goes on, sorry) for touching my split personality heart all shine like natural diamonds not mined by children...but that fall from the stars like metallic snowflakes...I love you too Omar*

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