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ASK iAN * INNER SLEEVES * Up Stream * Sebastopol Records

19039_1314051140943_7910509_n iAN !!! Hello to you! You don't know me but I know you. BRMC fan from Paris France (since the 1st album, I was 12). So.. I'm a french fucker. A musician. Got a rock band in Paris. here : I wrote this, and recorded this track (very dirty sound, non-pro) in my own bedroom in Paris, 10m². Alone. Il you feel like posting this, with the text, it's super cool. If you don't. It's super cool. Love you. Hi to the BRMC. Tom. "TAKING A DEEP breath. before stepping on stage. my soul is like a hot wire. who am I. I am questioning, apologizing. I wear a mask. I think of Rob and Pete. too much. trouble living my own existence. FUCKED. I am french. I am french. I'm french. WHAT HAPPENED to my rock'n roll. it is right here. strange sounds over a steady kick. confusion. comfort is the ennemy. i care too much. going up river. going up stream. with a ton of bricks on my chest. water everywhere. mouth. eyes. hears. nose. BURNING. got to step in. the stage is my home. it is my land. what. I need a constant pull toward uncomfortable depths. my hands are tights. rock. mouth not shut. give me space to express. it's now time to set the table. if only I could find something. BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB. in my bedroom. resonates salvation. I'm awake. love. burns. they are excellent. pure. rob pete leah. THANKS. As a musician. a french. it keeps getting darker. the lack of hope steals. steals. tears me apart and brakes my thoughts. i love them. still young forever young. heart + soul. I took everything. looked up real good. I got my own world. made my own choices. Bring it to me. bring it to me. can't beat the devil's. TATTOO." Thomas Eugene Gregori
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