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Ask iAN * It Ain’t Hard


To Remember to hold the door open for Mothers with babes in their arms and old people
Say no to bad music

It ain't hard to stop letting others influence you with bad ideas
think for yourself
It isn't hard to lighten up on yourself
and it isn't hard to be kind to others when so few are

It isn't hard
to quit fighting every single fuck up that rolls your way
choose yer battles wisely
and don't suss out disaster

Give when you can
and when you can't
don't fuckun' sweat it

stop wasting time

and theirs

play it by ear
plans get ruined

believe in yourself
even when your heart is deemed unpopular

and as Steven Jesse Bernstein said
Find a hurt place
and don't ever
let it

Don't be ashamed of where you come from or how you got here

Never follow in the paths of the masses
find yer own road
and if you must
walk it the fuck Alone

When people bully or make fun of you
turn it up a notch
and take all the laughter out of it
like a knife jammed into a car tire

If yer job makes you sick
Find something that doesn't make
you act ill

Always be kind to animals
reserve your hostility for your Art

Read the ingredients on the back before
you swallow it

Never trust your government

Suicide is not an option
stick around for the sounds of ideas that will help build your soul

When you look in the mirror remember it's OK to be Narcissistique
and accept yourself the way that you are
because I know you fucking

Be mindful of yer actions
and at the same time don't forget to get loose like Iggy Pop

Be a big enough person to apologize
even sometimes when you ain't in the wrong
you have the power to make amends

Don't forget how to laugh
Don't forget how to say fuck Off
Resist Bitterness

Forgive and forget
give a shit
don't get tangled in jive
shake the dust off

Live for those who can't
live for those who would love to live
don't be afraid to make an ass of yourself
test the water with your toe before you dive in

Never listen to advice, listen for ideas
stop voting and feed birds instead

let Go of what doesn't love you back
give somebody your last dollar
instead of worry
suss out solutions

remember the past
don't worship relics or currency
break tradition
remain unique
avoid blending in
be idealistique all your life
especially to yourself

Love the smaller things
shun temptation from fools
befriend madness

and question reality

get your hands and boots dirty from time to time

remember to keep empathy close to yer heart

sidestep things grandiose
don't fear
the Devil
or the people that sell you that smut

Remain timeless
strive for self discipline

respect cemeteries Always*

and if you got the guts to take your own life
then don't and
have the guts to buy a plane ticket
and begin again in some far away place like barbados

Stick around
Dig yourself
The New BRMC is Coming Soon
Like The Resurrection in Ecstatic Reverse

We live in a world where Dick Cheney avoids Prison
and there is fading kitten and puppy syndrome...

We need you around


here with Us

Take them on / On your Own





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