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ASK iAN * It Doesn’t Matter

carrie-nation In the days of prohibition there was the scowling, wrankle arsed Carrie Nation and her bar mashing axe, cat piss scented bible and sand'paper haunted house vagina, smashing booze bottles in bars cause God told her to make men and women stop enjoying the juice, the beer, the spirits... There is the Phelps psychotic klan that claim God kills fags and soldiers...and You and Me... There are Washington D.C.  Termites, vampyres, mosquitoes and destructioneers of every vapid sort and there are those who spend a life-time making vile and violent youtube comments sun up to sun down and then there is You. People don't like You

or your ART hair-do the clothes You wear the shoes you choose they think You odd lame worthless talentless ugly and stupid Good. What anyone thinks about You is irrelevant good or bad it shouldn't even show up on your radar You do what You do because it's all an extension of who you are, what you are growing into, what you are sussing out and it changes over time into a solid picture of who you are and what the people spray doesn't matter in the slightest. Compliments are kind yet in this day and age constructive criticism and an intellectual opinion are quite rare because most modern twits don't even know how to do it. People that have the time to hate you and rip on you most of the time simply want to be You like Robert Ford and Jesse James Jesse James was Jesse James cause he didn't have any other choice Robert Ford wanted fame cause he could never have the reasoning, the sorrow, the spirit stricken vision born inside of Jesse James or the style...Jesse James didn't want fame...he was tired and worn thin...and he didn't want it cause a bandito does best without fame...Wanted Posters tend to get ya trapped and trapped tends ta git yah kill't So, he gave bob the fame he so bone smoochingly desired, but it could never be the same kinda fame... and Jesse finally got a hard earned eternal sleep...and what of Bob's fame?  Took the light right out of his eyes.  Sassy Cocksucker. There's two kinds of Fame Johnny Cash Fame and Richard Nixon Fame The people i most admire Never did what i admire about them for fame...

don't get me wrong...We all want and need to pay the rent and it's good to be able to buy a pair of boots when yours wear out...but the point is they didn't do it for fame they did it because they had no other choice... A bird can't live under water same  as a whale can't live in a tree born with the passion born of some kind of fire in your apparatus ...or of a fire escape... They do it cause they aren't good at much else or doing something else...feels so awkward they want to perish... Often when somebody takes the time to spew and moan it's because all the things they like about what they like secretly have to do with fame, unmitigated glory, recognition, ego, a name in lights, adoration, credit where credit is not due they need to be worshiped, heard, thought highly of by other low caliber fame thirsty chasers, show boaters, swamp rats, ditch witches, mirror kissers, poon impressors, and barney bitches not with the work and creative process and also because the only thing  they ARE really good hating and ranking out other people They attempt to assault You because they can't fix themselves... no talent no discipline no desire to learn cause they know it all already and they flat out smoke and chug cock by choice Those who can't be... wannabe If yer good at something creative and it feels 2nd nature...

and if it feels right and brings you joy and doesn't get anybody killed...

then it's probably right and good 4 U...

and those who know good works will suss you out if yer out there and you'll hit it right off...

and those who slag you off...need attention neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to be heard listen to me! looky at me! You've got nothing to say and yer saying it too loudly back to your dungeon and he-man / she-man people haters club...usually no more than two members...either two sad twats as in misery loves company or as in two personalities... 2 words 4 ya...

"Therapy" In a world this far and wide In a galaxy, in Orbit, in constant flux and movement In an eternity as big as this... I've heard dust mites louder than them and they made just about as much fuckun' sense with their bleedin' racket Fuck the lot of 'em and Stay Gold Motherfuckers.

Remember if people you wouldn't wanna hang around with in the first place don't dig You and the people You actually dig, dig you back then it's all in Your favor...friendo and Ya can't beat that.  Jack.

Hit the road fuckos we're all stocked up on crazy here and we got work

to get worked.

You don't like that ah don't give a shit get back on hind tit saint bob*


is Opinion Central get back to where You belong in the comment lines and threads snore*

One more thing... It doesn't matter. To Hell with Bob and his brood.

i need a Rival not a snack. tumblr_lplh1qOsIR1qglngho1_500
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