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Photobucket MOTHER...have I become a shipwrecked son? These burning as bleached red mirror shards...the dead hand nails wind into thin air...wit, twine, ghost damp cloth & beaded tilt hearing as sharp as the rocks on the way down into the jagged sea shark waves... This XXX palace of flat red light flesh won't save... These chrome white foam waves might just float me alive to some clouded over shoreline... A Gone blizzard A madness unfurling within my chest... What could you want...but 4 walls with love in the center... electric boxes brush so wet and hard my inner nature taking over my urban stature.... Motorcycle baby blue transatlantic white systematique grooves... i'm not lost at Sea at All, Mama my bones bleaching below the skin in this winter Atom City... Unfurling i feel i may be... lightning bolt on lightning bolt trapped between the bear black fur of night and the wet white heat of Day... A song...a brutal breath... of resuscitation* Photobucket From the new album Curses/Prayers Produced by Sean Hartgrove and Sam Joos Camera by Sam Joos, Sean Hartgrove and Peter Walters Edited Justin C Larwick
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