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ASK iAN * jUNE 1ST / 2013

95c72cf8cbaf11e2968922000a1fbe74_7 The Wiltern Gig was fanfuckingtastique! Leah smelled Like honeysuckle and drummed like gasoline, gunpowder and Angel angst* Babe Shadow was smooth as John Coltrane's ghost under fire and Pete had a new worn diamond shaped pearl snap button saw toothed western black shirt... Great Friends of Michael Been were kind and drifted in for soft hellos and warm listens... i met a magician that thought i had the sexual prowess of G.G. Allin and i was surrounded by strong women and a raveonette as well as a black ryder... i got my babe shadow gift Jacket back from Robbie (he drug that damn thing around the whole tour and still got it back to me in one fuckun' piece!) Thanx Shadow! The Entire performance was sheen as in crystal, not the drug or the charlie just pearl oyster shell rainbow cool...and even though i drank at a new old bukowski hangout before the show, and even with a busted lip, and even though i fell over sideways in the slippery bog, and dropped a beer, and lost a dollar, and got my finger stuck in the beer ice, everything was strictly dynamite* so dynamite that i nearly ran on stage with my jeans pulled down looking to be baptized...Luckily enough the Spirit of the music washed away my sins before i could dangle my joint like Mick Jagger in the face of the front row...Told ya it was a dynamite Show* Thanx to the Poor that work at the Wiltern for Your Hospitality...You know who You are and Thank You to the fans that lent me a hand when the chips were down...bless yer filthy BIG Time Golden black hearts* tumblr_mnf5ds4n6B1r0b38io1_500
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