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ASK iAN * jUNE 22ND & The Good Lord gave Us Bobby Gillespie


i can't begin to recall all the times a new Primal Scream record came out in just the neck of time to either save my soul or keep me half sane...Like the time
i was stuck in a sticky jam with a fanatic of the Low I.Q. blues...or the time i had to stay strong and handle funeral arrangements...or it could even be the time when i was busted, abused and hustled by the trashcan life surrounding me...whatever the fuck it was...Thanx Bobby...Good Health, Good Love and Good Wishes on yer birthday from All of us here at BRMC...Happy Birthday Baby...bless yer heart, Amen
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket and Yes Today...I'm gunna git Loaded* Thanx to Loveage Moondream*

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